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Last Friday saw the end of another ten online sessions of Coping with a Hearing Loss through Lipreading. The sessions are designed to inform, educate, entertain and help people who have lost all or some of their hearing and to

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Coping with Deafness Sessions on Zoom

Members of the Stafford group, Tom (TUTOR), Steph, Karen Cythia and Diane learning, laughing and taking part in discussion. We meet for ten two hour sessions each school term,  If you want to become more assertive about your deafness, or

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Numbers Lament

“If the person you’re serving seems very slow,it could be there deaf, it’s quite common you know.Though we try very hard we are often get muddled,Don’t think that we’re daft or our brains are befuddled.Out shopping, the phone or in

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Difficult Decisions

We need to ensure that Hearing Loss in Adults and the provision of NHS Hearing Aids is the key focus or rather whether they will reinstate provisions of NHS Digital Hearing Aids to North Staffordshire (Moorlands/Newcastle). BSL interpreters and Electronic Notetaker

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The speech banana indicates the range in decibels and frequency of “normal” conversational speech Speech is made up of consonants and vowels Vowels are louder and of lower frequency than consonants. Vowels may often be heard more easily. Source:

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