Coping with a Hearing Loss Through Lipreading

The lipreading sessions are two hours • FROM £3 PER HOUR PER PERSON


The purpose of the group, is to share our experiences being deafened in our community, and with the help of our Teacher, Tom Kane, work out strategies and try and manage our deafness through lipreading exercises, discussion, talk about available resources and support, we also invite agencies to come and talk to us about how they could support our community.

If you have or you know someone who has lost some or all of their hearing, this is the course for you. A friendly comfortable environment to help you or help your friends manage their deafness. Find out what you could be entitled to and discover you are NOT ALONE

Deaf Awarness Courses

Hearing loss can affect our work, our social lives. our relationships with our families and freinds and our status in society. Whether you have a hearing loss yourself or wish to know more to support deafened people. Become aware of what impact hearing loss and those close to them, and most importantly learn strategies to cope.

Course Content

Find out about Support

Coping Strategies

Coping at home




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“If the person you’re serving seems very slow,it could be there deaf, it’s quite common you know.Though we try very hard we are often get

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