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An audiogram showing the four levels of hearing loss.

This diagram is an audiogram, this shows the four levels of hearing loss.

The numbers on the left are the levels of sound that a person can hear unaided

The line across the top signifies the frequency of that noise, to the left is low frequency (male voice) to the right High Frequency, (female voices)

 The line across with the cross and circle signifies someone with “normal hearing”

A hearing aid DOES NOT replace your lost hearing, it is used to improve your remaining hearing

  1. Mild hearing loss: you cannot hear whispers in a quiet room, you won’t hear a clock ticking in a quiet room, a hearing aid may not be useful in some circumstances as it will amplify all your remaining hearing
  • Moderate hearing loss: you will be unable to follow conversation even in a quiet room, hearing aids will help, and it may be a good idea to join a lipreading class
  • Severe hearing loss:  you will not hear a phone ringing, people talking, a smoke alarm. You will need hearing aids and to join a lipreading class to understand communication strategies
  • Profound hearing loss: You cannot hear loud music, a chainsaw, a police siren, hearing aids may be of some benefit but a cochlea implant is probably the answer

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