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The speech banana indicates the range in decibels and frequency of “normal” conversational speech Speech is made up of consonants and vowels Vowels are louder and of lower frequency than consonants. Vowels may often be heard more easily.

Most age related hearing loss results in the loss of higher frequency, softer sounds.
Consonants are more difficult to distinguish Unfortunately, it is the consonants, rather than the vowels, which help us make sense in speech Noise Intensity is measured in decibels. On the audiogram 0 is the softest sound the human ear can hear 85 Db is considered hazardous and if exposed to this level of sound will damage your hearing If the scale is linear, then 20Db would be twenty times as loud as 1Db, This is not so, its logarithmic, 20 Db is 100 more time as loud as 1Db 120Db is 1 X 10 to power of 12 ( 1,000,000,000,000) as loud as 1 Db

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